CSC Economic Census 2019 Registration: Step by Step Guide

The government plans to conduct a nationwide economic census in 2019-2020. CSC e-governance (CSC SPV) is going to conduct the 7th economic census. CSC VLE’s can now register for Enumerators and Supervisors through digital Seva portal to participate in the 7th Economic Census survey. In this article, we are going to discuss the CSC Census registration procedure, Survey Form Fillup with step by step guide and other FAQs.

Update: VLEs can now login Economic Census 7.0 dashboard through portal to manage all census related tasks.

CSC Census 2019

The purpose of the Economic Census survey is to capture data like the number of persons employed, the number of establishments, sources of finance, type of ownership etc. There are around 3 lakh CSC centres across the country which will help the survey programme. CSCs are involved in providing various government e-services to citizens in rural areas. Now for the economic survey, each CSC will create five enumerators. CSC SPV will train and certified enumerators. If enumerator able to get certificate he/she can do all kind of survey including Census of India. This is the first time in India where the paperless survey will be conducted using technology. It is expected to be completed within six months.

CSC Census

Registration Procedure for CSC Economic Census

You need to first visit the registration page, i.e.

census login

Click on “Login with Digital Seva Connect”

Type user name and password to log in

A survey form will appear as shown in below image

economic survey form

Choose one option 1. Register for Enumerator 2. Register for Supervisors

The supervisor participate in the census survey with the help of the enumerator

So choose carefully, who do you want to enrol as enumerator (Total 5) and supervisor ( Only 1)

Authentication Page will appear where you have to provide Aadhar number and beneficiary name


Enter Name, DOB, Occupation, Gender, mobile number, email ID and address

csc census name

Now upload the last education qualification document

That’s it; you have successfully registered for Economic Census 2019.

CSC Census Login

Firstly, you have to download the economic census app for the economic census work. (You will get the app link once your training period is complete)

Once the economic survey start, you have to log in to the census app to collect data.

CSC SPV official has released a video regarding how enumerator can collect data; you can watch from here.

VLEs have to visit and log in using the mobile number/email id and password. After login, they will see an Economic Census 7.0 dashboard where they manage all stuff such as enumerator’s area allotment, assign/ de-assign enumerator and more.

Economic Census LMS: Training Plan

Update: Economic Census Examination and Training Programme Launched, You can visit here to know details.

CSC e-governance will train 15 lakh enumerators for the Economic Census and it is expected to complete training of enumerators soon and start the survey from April 2019.

training plan csc

  • Prospective Supervisors & Enumerators to register on the CSC Portal
  • Registered people to be allotted User ID & Password for LMS
  • They login to the LMS & go through the self-paced learning material available (video-based learning)
  • There will be a module wise progression on the LMS based on module tests
  • Summative assessment
  • People who qualify are required to attend the training workshops being organized at the District / Sub District Level
  • There will be a post-training assessment after the workshop. This will be an MCQ based assessment will be split of the knowledge & skill components – i.e. the concepts learned in the workshop & the field training component – in an 80:20 ratio
  • On successful qualification, each person will be awarded a certificate (to be generated online) that he/she has to produce at any time during the duration of the project if asked for by some competent authority

Commission Structure

The government will give a certain amount to the person who works in the Economic Census 2019. The Enumerator / Supervisor will be given upto 20 per household for survey purposes. There are 3 types of payments structure as listed below.

For Supervisor

  • Residential: Rs 3
  • Residential cum Commercial: Rs 4.50
  • Commercial: Rs 6

For Enumerator

  • Residential: Rs 10
  • Residential cum Commercial: Rs 16
  • Commercial: Rs 20

Enumerator’s Role

Enumerators (census takers) are people who are employed in taking a census of the population. They will visit door-to-door to count the people and gather demographic or economic data.

Supervisor’s Role

A supervisor will monitor the work of enumerator. Supervisors will do 100% supervision of enumerators activity, and the data is quality certified by the supervisor.

Educational Qualification for Enumerator & Supervisor

  • Minimum Higher Secondary pass for Enumerator.
  • Supervisors have to complete graduation.
  • They should know how to operate a Smartphone.

7th Economic Census Work Flow for CSC VLE

  1. Enumerator & Supervisor should complete the registration process.
  2. They should appear in the Entrance Examination.
  3. Training.
  4. Module wise Assessment.
  5. They should appear in the Final Examination once the training period is over.
  6. Enumerator & Supervisor will receive Certification.
  7. Totally Field based activity through Enumerator for data collection.
  8. Field and non-field based activity for data Supervision through Supervisor.

What is Enumeration Block?

The cities or towns which are to be covered in the survey are divided into small areas known as enumeration blocks. There are three Enumeration Blocks under the authority of an Enumerator, and 110 houses are covered in one Enumeration Block.

For more details, you can visit the official portal


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