CSC Economic Census Training LMS & Examination for Supervisor & Enumerator

The government of India launched a scheme called “Economic Census and Surveys”. The 1st economic census was conducted in 1977 by Central Statistical Organization in collaboration with Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DES) in the States/Union Territories. Now the government of India will conduct 7th Seventh Economic Census (2019) with the help of CSC SPV. We have already written an article on how a CSC VLE can register to participate in the census. Here we are going to talk about CSC Economic Census Examination and Training Manual.

CSC Economic Census Examination & Training LMS for Supervisor & Enumerator

CSC SPV has launched a portal for Supervisors/Enumerators for training Programme and to appear in the census examination. This service is available only to the CSC VLEs who have registered themselves as Supervisors and at least five enumerators in rural and ten enumerators in Urban Areas. CSC SPV has a target to reach 20,00,000 enumerators and supervisors.

How to Login to the Exam Portal

  • To log in, Supervisor/Enumerator will have to visit the portal

CSC Economic Census Examination Login

  • Now enter the reference number on username & mobile number as a password to login the exam portal account.
  • That’s it; you have successfully logged into the portal.

Economic Census Training LMS

  • After successful login, you can watch the Intro video to clicking on the intro video section.
  • You can download the concepts and Definitions  of Scheme from the Glossary section
  • Go to the Learning section; you will see all learning modules which are available on PDF & Video format.

learning lms


  • After completion of the learning module, the Supervisor/enumerator will start the Assessment.
  • All six module Assessment is mandatory before start exam if the user tried to go directly take exam mode he would see “Please complete your all assessments first”.
  • Click on lock action icon to start the Assessment.
  • If the candidate got less than five marks, then they re-attempt to complete the assessment.

Assessment census

How to Start the Examination?

  • After successful completion of all Assessment, module take exam button will be shown enable
  • Choose the examination language  :
  • Click on Encryption for verification of candidate registration fields.
  • After encryption is done click on the continue button:
  • Now download the CSC Secure browser and install it.
  • After successful installation, click on the start test button.
  • Click on Open CSC SEB (Safe exam browser) & Capture the candidate image for identification.
  • Also, capture the candidate id proof image for identification and then click on the continue button:
  • After candidate identification data will goes to approver screen, they will verify and approved for the exam.
  • When the candidate got approval, then the exam will start & question paper will appear on the screen.
  • Proctor is monitoring the live candidate activity during the exam.
  • After successfully passed the exam candidate will get the certificate with ID Card.

census certificate ID

I hope this article will help you to know about Training LMS and Examination procedure. Don’t forget to share it with all VLEs friends. You can also drop a comment if you have any question regarding CSC Economic census examination, Training etc. We will try to reply as soon as possible.


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