CSC Unimoni EMI Collection: How can a VLE Collect EMI?

CSC E-Governance Service India Ltd also known as CSC SPV has now started UNIMONI EMI collection service on its Digital Seva portal. If you are a VLE, then you can collect EMI from Unimoni customers. UNIMONI (UAE Exchange) is a global financial company; they deal in money transfers, forex, payments, and credit solutions. In India, the company has more than 2.5 million customers, and they have total 3500 employees through 350 branches across India. Now they take help from CSC SPV to collect EMI from their customers. In this article, we are going to talk about CSC Unimoni EMI Collection. Scroll down to know complete step by step guide for Unimoni EMI collection.

How can a VLE Collect Unimoni EMI through Digital Seva Portal?

You need first to visit

Click on the Login button and wait 2-3 seconds.

Use CSC ID & Password to log in your account.

In the search box, type CSC Loan Bazaar.

Now you need to click on the EMI collection and select UNIMONI EMI collection.

csc unimoni form

Enter loan number given by the customer.

Enter the EMI payable amount carefully.

Pay the amount through the CSC VLE Wallet.

Once payment of EMI is successful, a acknowledge receipt will be generated for the customer.

CSC Unimoni EMI Collection Commission to VLE

CSC channel will get 1% commission of the EMI amount. VLE will get 80% of CSC channel commission.

For example, If the EMI amount is 1000, then CSC channel will get 1% commission, i.e. Rs 10 and VLE will get  80% of the commission i.e Rs 8.

unimoni commssion

So this is a good opportunity for VLE to earn money by collecting EMI. If you are not a VLE, then you can follow our CSC Registration guide from here. Also, share this article with your VLE friends using social media buttons and help them to earn money by providing services to citizens.

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