Economic Census VLE Dashboard Access Through Portal

Economic Census is the complete count of all establishments located within the geographical boundaries of the country. The government with CSC SPV will conduct a nationwide economic census in 2019-2020. If you are a CSC VLE and register for Enumerators and Supervisors to participate in the 7th Economic Census survey and passed the final census examination then you can access VLE dashboard using portal.

Economic Census

What’s the use of portal?

Using portal eligible VLEs can access their Economic Census 7.0 dashboard where they can check numbers of total enumerators and not assigned enumerators, Area Allotment details such as IV Unit, UFS block total/ pending/ completed household, EC House Listings and Results, Mapview-Surveys, Enumerator Device Status, Number of Total EC House (Residential, Commercial, Others) and Total EC House Status. You can also get your certificate with the identity card by visiting the download option.

How to Login to CSC Economic Census VLE Dashboard?

  • First of all, head over to the the portal from here.
  • You will see a login page where you have to enter email ID/Mobile number, password and captcha value.

Economic Census VLE Dashboard using portal

  • Click on Sign In button and you will be accessed to the Economic Census 7.0 dashboard.
  • Now you will see all details such as area allotment, numbers of total enumerators and more.
  • Go to Area Allotment> New Allotment option from the left menu to assign an area for an enumerator.
  • By visiting de-assign tab, you can de-assign or terminate enumerator.
  • If you click on the EC House Listing tab, you will EC house ID/ Type, TimeSpan and Approval status.
  • On the EC House results tab, you can check Approved/ Rejected/ Modification EC House.

Currently, we are unable to access the dashboard, once we get login credential, we will update this article with complete details along with screenshots. Till then, stay connected with us.

Role of Enumerator During the Survey

  • Go round the EA and identify its boundaries.

census  boundaries

  • Visit each and every structure without exception. You need to start from the North West Corner of the EA & cover it in a serpentine fashion as shown in the figure above.
  • The complete information needs to be entered in the Mobile App at each EC House/EC households
  • Ensure that the entire area assigned to you is covered by visiting all the structures, households and establishments falling within your EA.

Economic Census 2019 App

This App is developed for collection, validation and field supervision of 7th Economic Census. Enumerators and supervisors duly appointed by the Government of India and provided with customised login will be able to access the application for performing fieldwork. State Government and Government of India officials authorised to log in will also be able to access the application for conduct of 2nd tier supervision check on coverage and quality.

We recommend you to visit the official portal to know more about the Economic Census survey.


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