How to Login at through CSC ID for Electors Verification Programme?

The Election Commission has introduced Electors Verification Programme (EVP) from September 1, 2019, for improvement of the health of the Electoral Roll enrolment of all eligible citizens of India. If you are an elector then you (and your family members) need to verify or correct details in the Electoral Roll. Let’s discuss all the available online and offline verification methods. Also, know how CSC VLE can offer Voter Verification/ Correction facility to the citizens through portal.

Electors Verification Programme


The details of family members can be verified using the following methods:

  1. Voters Helpline Application.
  2. NVSP Portal (
  3. Visting Common Service Centers (CSCs).
  4. Visiting Voters Facilitation Centers (VFCs) at taluka Mamlatdar Offices.
  5. PwD electors may call Voter Helpline (1950) seeking facilitation.

EVP Ecinet

Benefits of EVP process

  • For any correction, migration and enrollment auto-fill forms generation which can be submitted online on NVSP.
  • Permanent login facility is available for privileged services such as information of polling stations, the announcement of elections, any change in Electoral Roll etc.
  • If mobile numbers and emails are provided alerts through SMS about proposed changes if any in ER and Polling Station.
  • Availability of Voter information slips.

Documents for Voter Details Verification or Correction

The verification of details can be done by furnishing a copy of a valid document such as

  • Indian Passport.
  • driving license.
  • Aadhar card.
  • Ration Card.
  • identity card of Govt./Semi Govt. Officials.
  • Bank Passbook and Farmers Identify card.
  • A smart card issued by RGI under NPR.
  • Water/telephone/electricity/ gas connection bill.

What are the facilities available at portal?

  • View, Verify and authenticate ER details of existing Entry.
  • Provide Feedback on Polling Station.
  • View, verify and authenticate ER details of family members after creating the family group.
  • Submit forms for unenrolled Electors ( Above 18 years age as on 1/1/2019) and submit details of family members with age group 16 years and 17 years.

How a CSC VLE can Login at EVP ECINet Portal for Electors Verification?

If you are a CSC VLE and have access credentials of digital seva then you can login at website using the below button.

evp login button

Now you will see 4 options to visit EVP login page, choose “Click here for CSC Login” only.

Homepage EVP

Enter digital Seva login credentials carefully and hit the sign-in button.

Now you are on the homepage of EVP, where you will see 4 options: Verify details, Polling station feedback, Family listing & authentication and Unrolled members.

verify details evp

Click on “Verify Details” option >> Search Detail by Epic No for verification.

Voter’s details will appear on your screen.

Check, verify and correct the voter’s details.

If there is no correction required then proceed with “Information displayed above is correct” option and if correction is required then proceed with “Information displayed above needs correction” option.

Upload all required documents and submit.

You can also provide Polling station feedback using an EPIC number.

You can also list family members EPIC numbers and their relation.

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